Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Views On Reproductive Health Bill and More…

These issues have been pondered, talked about for over months now. There are a lot of speculations and hearsays about this Bill. I myself am not equally into this Bill (not the entireties of them-but there are I guess I few which I feel not deemed to be on the lists). Many are pro or not against this senate bill, although there are also many who does not want this Bill to take into action- the very much heard of are the religious sectors most especially that of the Roman Catholics, in full extent, the sector of the CBCP(Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines). This is not a big issue here in our country, the Philippines because we are in a big scale, mostly Catholics.

For me, this is not an issue of secularism or of any specific religious sect. This one for me is a person to person case. I believe that we have our choice and will to choose what we think is the most appropriate of-e.g.  birth method. What is wrong with the most of us? We tend to forget our mission (what we are really to do here on earth). We are blessed to have a Democratic country- where are able to freely express our views and opinions that surround us, but DO we really think this the real essence of freedom? “Freedom of Expression” is what we always try to say, as an excuse about our behaviors or misbehaviors when we protest for something, for which is not what we want to happen or anything. But are we using this freedom, free-will and knowledge that GOD has provided us for the RIGHT reasons? I don’t really believe so…Why am I saying this? Because what we are trying to put down is not the Church or the CBCP, which comprises our priests. Because in the end we are only pulling ourselves down. Think more deeply before we take action- the Catholic Church has not only thought about this on a short time or in an instant, this has been thought of-thoroughly discussed, argued, reacted- before they were able to compromise and tackle this issue before they took action – --- (which is what I believe happened on the course of the process and had been their stand ever since), in more times than what MOST of us thought of.

I was so depressed, saddened and disappointed to see on televisions and hear on radios how people reacted in so inappropriate a manner than what a responsible, civilized or mature person should react- to know that they are protesting on these as if they are talking to a group of convicts. Try to tell, explain to our priests in a much appropriate manner of what the problem you saw or thought is wrong on those persons (priests). I believe that our priests are mostly, if not all, are understanding people- to understand, to listen, to educate- are just a few of their duties.

Each of us has his/her own duties and responsibilities- our priests have their own duties and responsibilities too. And one of this is to help us understand the real meaning of LIFE. That is why our priests are against abortion, extra marital sex, pre marital sex; divorce, illegal gambling, to name a few. ALL this have the same purpose and boils down to one issue- that is to understand the true meaning and value of LIFE. Let us value each other- be an advocate of Life.

What I want to say is that we should be always extra careful on what we do or act- that will constantly have a reaction or consequences. Our religious leaders have been there- whether they are priests, pastors, nuns, monks or other ministers and religious orders. Their duties as our religious leaders are wide- much wider than we thought of. And to make matters deeper- they are morally liable to what they can do to help us in our moral values and ethics. In their hearts is what many of us don’t understand (which is only the Best for US). Let us dig deeper- we may be a successful professionals, whether in the field of medicine, of law, politics, education and more..But, do we know that our religious leaders have more to answer for and are liable than just our doctors when they commit mistake on their patients? When drivers don’t understand the rule of traffic and cause traffic problem and in worse case, death? Like ourselves when we commit mistake- we have to answer for that mistake—and this is what our priests are trying to make us understand—they are in more ways than we think or believe, are liable to their religious people, community, and most especially to GOD if those particular individual have moral problems wherein they were not able to help when they are there to help which for me is specifically a bigger role to take. So, why do we have to put down our priests? (Like what happened in the television). Does this makes sense? We don’t have to resort to all this extra effort to humiliate these persons- because we all know they are only human beings. Yes, that is right, they too have feelings, like us- they get sick, they feel hungry, they commit sins-yes, they too are also sinners (but they admit their mistake, ask for forgiveness, and not do that same mistake again-that mistake may not be in action, it could be in thoughts or words) and lastly they die too. What is more humbling is that, they are there when we die, to do the rites or ceremonies, when their religious community grieves-they also grieve, for us, for you...and yes, for our country. But…are we also there for them?  Do we feel for them? Yes and No- Yes when we need their presence and down or No when we are at the height of success, where we tend to forget them? Let this be a challenge for us, as our religious leaders have been too. Let us not be too proud and learn to stoop down. Respect each other as well as the rights of each one of us. And be morally conscious. Do not let temptations get in our life.

Our priests- not only priests or our pastors, but that includes every religious leaders of our society, are only persons like us, they are not superhuman- but we sometimes tend to equalize them to one. Like our pope, He asks for forgiveness- isn’t that humbling enough to ask for forgiveness for the sins that he did not commit or is a mere history? Like Jesus- it is really difficult to be like HIM, and this is where our priests are modeling themselves to become…little by Christ(e.g. to carry their cross, be persecuted, blamed, shamed and die for others-but not literally). And because of their LOVE for GOD and human, they become more like a superhuman in our eyes. Of course, that’s the power of prayers, meditation, and evangelization, etc—to forget themselves and instead give more importance to others. As what Jesus said “Love others, as you love yourself”, Love GOD above all things. My favorite, “Whatever you DO to the least of MY brothers, you DO unto ME”-Please, let us not forget all these.  And at the end of it –still it is US(ourselves) to answer our almighty GOD, and they won’t be there for us, not our parents nor our relatives and friends to back for us- if we did not do what our religious people have encourage and taught us to supposedly do.

Let us be more sensitive to the issues that surrounds us, be more responsible, to be more aware of what we can to do to help, and what not to do. Understand each other at this time of crisis and situations, not just dwell on our own personal interests- but for the interests of ALL (as what most of our beloved priests have done and are still doing). Try to see the good in each one of us- because we always only see what is wrong with others- criticize others (even try to see the skeleton in each other’s closet). Why not try to do some reality check on oneself before others?  Think again, we may be even more sinful than what we think of, more than the convicted murderers, since they even have accepted their wrong doings and asked for forgiveness.  Let us all try to learn to be humble, try discipline and add self control/self-sacrifice- sometimes we also lack this, but then again, there are our religious leaders who are always trying to save us- to put into our heads, our hearts and minds what is morally upright. But most of the times we lack the fortitude to listen- that’s why we commit same mistakes over and over again. Try to listen, to understand, to commit ourselves to do good, to be of service to others, as well us to GOD. Life can be a roller coaster, but if you put your trust, believe in God’s mercy and love- everything will be as smooth-sailing as we hope everything to be.

May this article in a way have shed light and awakened you to what the real score or meaning of LIFE is when you think of doing what is NOT good- inappropriate, improper or not right.  What we must do is to overcome SIN; overcome lust, envy, greed, covetousness-those deadly sins whose very root is PRIDE and centers on the letter “I”. Let us try to obey our religious leaders. Obedience is what Jesus Christ taught us and his disciples, that includes his mother- our mother too, Mary as well as His disciples, so they were “blessed”. Think, or even still try to meditate. Ask God, and always PRAY. Constant communication with GOD, our Father will do great wonders. LOVE LIFE!!! :-D

Monday, November 3, 2008

Leona Lewis - Better In Time [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Leona Lewis - Better In Time lyrics

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Lyrics | Leona Lewis - Better In Time lyrics

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Hows of Happiness

1. Find your balance
Psychologists generally describe happiness as a sense of well-being or satisfaction with your life. They say there is fun without meaning to it, like foot massages and meaning without fun, like eating in early mornings and happiness comes from some combination of this two. If you choose fun without meaning, you will likely to feel empty inside and if you often focus solely on lofty goals, you could wind up depleted and resentful.

2. Take a pass on perfection
When surveyed in the 1970's, most women reported being happier than men. Today, the opposite is true. One theory is that, over the past few decades, females have gone from holding one job(running the house) to two jobs(working full-time plus handling housework). And a fast way to trigger unhappiness is bigger to-do-lists-and not to mention mounting pressure for women who want to do it all.
Striving for constant contentment is equally unrealistic. If you think you should feel happy nearly all the time, it's going to make you miserable. So, better manage your expectations.

3. Don't try to buy happiness
Sure, money helps especially if you start out poor and then do better. But nationwide published last year in the US Social Indicators Research found that those who pursued possessions were less satisfied with their friendships, families, jobs or even their health than those who were less materialistic.

4. Switch gears
A study at the University of Missouri-Columbia tracked hundreds of subjects who experiment a change in their circumstances (e.g. moving to a new place)and in their activities (e.g. pursuing a new hobby). A few months later, those who changed their activities reported more gains in well-being. One possible reason:A drift in circumstances often involves a onetime event which can fade into the background of our lives. Meanwhile, exploring a new interest is inherently entertaining and may lead you to discover other activities overtime.

5. Lose yourself in the moment
If you are in a bad mood, try to find your "rhythm or flow". The word describes a "state of effortless concentration and enjoyment. Focus on increasing one's joys and strengths. What delivers the most happiness: whatever activity energizes you and you feel like time is flying by.

6. Develop an attitude of gratitude
One way to feel happiness is to recognize good things when they happen. If you have trouble counting your blessings try keeping a gratitude journal. Survival studies show that people who record what they appreciate, experience greater happiness, less anxiety and even better sleep.

7. Share the love
Japanese study found that contented people's happy experiences most often involved connecting with someone. "One hundred percent of the very happy people had good relationships' according to the earlier study by positive-psychology researchers.
In National Opinion Research center toll released last year in US, 42 percent of the marrieds reported being very happy compared with only 19 percent of the singles. Experts theorize that people benefit from having reliable emotional partner in their life.
The fastest way to improve your relationships; Set aside inviolable time for them.

8. Help yourself by helping others
Helping others makes us feel capable and full of purpose and it lets us quit stressing all our own problems for a while.

9. Choose to choose less
Having a lot of options isn't always so great, say Barry Schwartz, author of the Paradox of Choice. In a 2006 study of job seekers, he found that "maximizers"(those who searched until they found the best position) were less happy with their choices than "satisfiers" (those who took the first good ones).
Too much choices can cause anxiety and head people to blame themselves if their decisions don't turn out as well as they expected.

10. Introduce your body to your mind
In several experiments, subjects instructed to visibly express their reactions while watching a funny movie reported greater pleasure than their more subdued counterparts: so get your body involved when you are feeling good.

11. Be more forgiving
a conciliatory attitude can help counteract feelings of depressions, powerlessness and anxiety about future hurts.
So how do you let go of anger and resentment towards others? Take into account the stresses that contributed to the worry doer's behavior, remember his positive trait, and consider requesting an apology. And if your motivation starts to falter, keep in mind that forgiving is really a gift you give yourself.

12. Pick out the positives
Some people are able to make the best out from things that happen-and that is the key to happiness. One way to do this is to re frame your thoughts. For example, instead of dreading to visit a loved one who is sick, start to see them to connect and care for them.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Poem by Mother Theresa

People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered; Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; Be kind anyway.
If you are successful you will win some false friends and some true enemies; Succeed anyway.
If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you; Be honest and frank anyway.
What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; Build it anyway.
If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; Be happy anyway.
The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway.
Give the world your best, and it may never be enough; Give the world your best anyway.
You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Develop your Friendliness

The man or woman with a friendly personality always has an advantage over the person with a dead-pan poker face and an indifferent attitude. In social life, in public life, or in modern business, it is significant that friendliness pays the biggest dividends. No matter what service you need, no matter what product you want, no matter what your goal in life, isn't it true that you always lean toward the individual with the smiling, friendly personality?

Friendliness leads to friendship, and friendship is the number one success factor in life. How many real friends have you? Can you count them on the fingers of one hand, or both hands? If you can equal that number, or go beyond it, you are fortunate indeed.

Many people mistake acquaintances for real friends. While acquaintances are picked up here and there, true friendships are developed over the years.

As Confucius once wrote:
"There are 3 friendships which are advantageous and 3 which are injurious. Friendship with the upright; friendship with the sincere; friendship with the man of much observation: these are advantageous. Friendship with the man of specious airs; friendship with the insinuatingly soft; and friendship with the glib-tongued: these are injurious."

Let us not kid ourselves about our friends. Along side of friendliness is the rare
virtue of thoughtfulness. A man with a friendly personality is apt to be a thoughtful individual as well, the two qualities seem to go hand in hand.

There are really two kinds of friends. First, is the casual type;the fair-weather friend-who is really nothing more than a mere acquaintance. Second, is the solid, constructive type of friend-who gives back what you put into him.


Good will is of many kinds. There is the good will that flows from one employee to another in the same department. The good will that ripens into social friendship, is a direct outcome of a warmhearted personality. Good will in business is a priceless asset; sometimes it is the balance sheet at a value of one dollar. In may other instances, it is directly responsible for whatever customer appreciation, sales volume and financial success the business enjoys.

One of the important attributes stemming from the good will that results from good human relations is the excellent character of co-operation we get from one employee and associates in business. This kind of good will is easily translated into substantial financial value---an increment that we cannot obtain other way.

Regardless of the character of good will, it stems inevitably from your personality. We have all encountered the type of personality unpleasantness that transforms good will into ill will. How refreshing it is to do business or enjoy social contacts with a personality that radiates courtesy, kindliness, and humanness! Do we ever think to analyze the reasons for the difference between the two, or to count the cost? Most important of all, do we ever identify ourselves with the river of such gifts, good or bad?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Observe Proper Food Combination

I have recently browse through a topic that discusses food sequencing and proper food combination. There are a lot of misconceive thoughts on food combination or bad eating habits we must learn to know and avoid when dealing with our foods. Here are some of the important facts dealt with by several studies in dietetics regarding food consumption.

What types of food combination to avoid with:

*Accordingly, it is not good to combine highly starchy foods with pure fats in one meal.

Starchy foods like pasta, bread, rice, cereals must not be eaten or blended with pure fats like butter, bacon fat or cream. There was an evident study done that high starches and pure fats are incompatible as a result taken from the study of Dr. Joslin, a famous dietetic in Boston. He established the fact that when high fats are cut down in diebetic diets, it is possible to add more carbohydrates in ones meal without increasing ones sugar in urine and insulin ; for an insulin case. Furthermore, no restrictions are given to eating fats and starchy foods, to avoid dangers in deficiency of essential soluble and fatty acids, simply eat them at different times.

*Avoid eating combinations of acids and carbohydrates.

Bread and citrus juices cannot be digested together. Fats and sugars (fruits) should not be mixed in any one meal. The combination is not going to be good for the body and you will definitely be feeling the effects of it.Though there are healthy people who doesn't feel any distress or evidence of impaired digestion, impairment still goes on just the same. Eveytime this goes on, impairment also happens, but these problems might not be felt early on in age, problem occurs and felt when aging.

*Avoid eating concentrated proteins with concentrated carbohydrates in one meal.

Proteins (nuts, seeds, dried beans, dried peas, peanuts, lentils, milk, eggs, cheese, flesh foods) and carbohydrates (potatoes, lima beans, mature corn, winter squash, artichokes, chestnuts, yams, pumpkins, grains, carrots, beets, coconuts) should not be eaten in one meal, and there should be only one kind of protein in one meal. This means that you have to avoid eating nuts, eggs, cheese, and other protein foods with any bread, cereals, potatoes, or sweet fruits such as strawberries or watermelon. These food combination must be avoided so as not to experience weakening of the digestive system that would result to constipation.

For more information about proper food combination you can find it here

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I've known , heard and seen some people, friends, relatives who loves to collect stamps, postcards, different kinds of money, dolls, cars, antiques and other vintage materials, like butterflies, gadgets, pictures of their favorite stars and many more. I think they derive pleasure and inspiration on collecting this stuffs, who wouldn't be especially if this kind of hobby is becoming a profitable business source.

There are also some who make money out of the junks of other people, they collect them and make used of these materials by recycling or by mixing these materials to create another masterpiece. This type of business are not too expensive, all you need are proper knowledge on how to go through this type of business, creativity, hardwork, discipline, patience as well as great effort on the demands of everyday work output if your products are very marketable.

While there are people who make money out of their collections, there are those who make this as their diversion, pastime or hobby, something to keep them distracted from their stress driven work. Being a person who is thrifty and resourceful is an asset in a marketing business of this type. Collectibles are very useful if you make it to be.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

To a very remarkable FATHER I am blessed to have had

I won't waste too much time on anything just so I could release this ever nagging thought I've been having in my mind. I don't want to hold this information for myself, and I want to share some experiences I had in having a father who has always been a good provider, a great teacher in so many ways, beloved brother to all of his siblings, and so little time to give merit to.

Though few people knew about my father's existence, I am too fancied to share his underlying good traits in this article. My father's childhood could not be termed as an abundant one. He was the eldest among his siblings(8 of them). Growing up in a not so well to do family, my grandfather being a fisherman and my grandmother a housewife. As most of us would conclude, he was of course in the event after all the sole provider to most of his siblings as he grew up and matured.

Working his way thoroughly with much patience and perseverance in every difficult situation to keep his family and provide every means he could give. He is not used to being served but SERVICE to his fellow has been one of the greatest value I have found in him. He is a peaceful-loving individual, he doesn't want to hear some bad misgivings about his family nor anyone under his custody. He can be very charming if he wants to, every time(I specially loved his being comedian from time to time).

Though others may say that he seems quiet and reserved (which is only true to those who doesn't know him well). He is actually a very sweet person (too sweet that I easily get ashamed whenever I get lousy and lazy). He would eventually tell us his experiences when he was young and already working for food to provide for his family. Until he became our father he was still the provider.

This is just an observation of mine, truth is, I have never ever heard him complain nor get angry to anyone up to any extent. Everything he has said and done, as his children we are trying to emulate. His good values and right virtues we have been aspiring to follow. For dependability, he is number one in my lists. From being single even until he was married, he has been a dependable brother to his siblings and mentor to those under his authority while he was a chief engineer.

Another thing I am proud of about my father is his being humble and his down-to-earth attitude, though he was not a graduate of any high university. I can claim that he was able to work his way to becoming highest in his field of endeavor. He had gone from cargo man to cook to sailor until he became a marine engineer in a shipping vessel. He passed the board exam in just one take and knowing him, he was just able to finished school until his fifth grade.

That's why, there is no high mountain nor deep ocean we can not overcome if we just strive. Just like my father, I know in my heart that if I strive and pursue my goals, there are no hindrances I cannot break free from. Just keep our trust in GOD, as I know my father always have been. For with GOD, nothing indeed is impossible. And to HIM my praise and joy in keeping my father in his hand.

And lastly, Papa, you'll always be placed in our hearts(most especially in MaMa's). We always love you and forever you'll be inculcated and your good morale instilled in our minds and hearts.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Death; a scoundrel

This is like a black envelope that swallows a person in whole, no time to wonder even to think, no questions ask, just a sudden life-ending state. Most initial reaction is to fight and try to keep out(away)from this dreaded condition. I've been through a lot of painful experiences before, but this one that I have witnessed had made me come to terms with the REALITY and certain facts of life. There are some things in life that we don't have the power to control or right to claim as ours. We all come to this moment of awareness of our mortality. And from then on, the idea that we are mortal is never far from our minds. We wonder about it, we listen to the various theories of what happens when we die, we may experience morbid flights of fancy, even get fixated on the many horrible ways there are to die. We were even told that what we have, what we own in physical form, we only borrowed. Our life, for once, that is the reason why many are saying that we must make the most out of our lives. Once this is taken from us,we can not buy nor take it back at whatever reason or circumstance we may ask or want.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Healthwise- Habits to Keep a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle is a necessary norm for today's living. We are constantly grueling on the knowledge that we are living a sedentary life. That's when we then realize that we must be loosing grasps of all the much needed attention on health.

Eating is not a problem when it is done properly and on a proper amount. It is a must that we eat what can be termed as healthy foods, the ones rich in fiber and vitamins to combat certain diseases that may arise anytime in our life. This is not only beneficial to us but being consciously health wise, is also money wiser. If we don't take good care of our health, we can not only enjoy what others do, but practicality comes..."we save ourselves from diseases and other cause of heath risks and we won't have to see bills on medications as well"

I have here some healthy options and regimen that might interest those who are health-conscious.

1. Do Exercise(Movements)- it is not really important that you must do exercise, but if you try to do some chores that would start to make you move or walk, is a good start. Try doing this when you are cleaning your home. Going from one place to another that is walking distance, or even climbing stairs not to use elevators or escalators. This is also good when you love to play outdoor games that uses more of you reflexes.

2. Eat well. It is not that important that you must follow a dietary program. You can simply do this by being conscious of your food intakes. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Cereals, legumes, fish and other sea foods are also good sources of vitamins. Less calories, cut on your dairy food intakes. You can also watch your health by noting the labels(nutritional values) on those grocery items you buy.

3. Quit Bad habits like smoking - This is not too bad, after all you just want to make sure that you live a good and healthy life. You can start by reducing your use of cigarette/tobacco. This is also a good move on your part, since you won't be too harsh on your person to person contact and on the environment , one thing that leads to stoppage of pollution as well.

4. De stress yourself- This is another thing that some are used to abuse, because of too much pressure and problems, some tend to eat more than what is necessary, eating their way from the stress their going through. Instead of doing this, why not make yourself busy, like doing some household work, snatch some dresses that needs mending or work on your thoughts( you can write, paint, knit, or try taking pictures) just so to stray your thoughts from foods .

5. Limit your drinking sessions- Although recent studies show a glass of wine or one drink a day (two for men) can help protect against heart disease, more than that can cause other health problems such as liver and kidney disease or cancer. Try to avoid commitments that you know will lead you to overdo habitual drinking.

6. Water Intake- Already proven in several studies that water is a good form of therapy for anybody. Sometimes, we tend to misconceive our feeling of thirst from being hungry.
Drink as much water as possible to dispose of toxins from our body.